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god's country
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Friday, 30 April 2010

It’s a jungle out there!

OOPS! I didn’t really mean to leave it so long… on the other hand I couldn’t really say where the time has gone. The competition that I was getting ready for in my last post was AGES ago, in fact we’ve flown to Glasgow for another one in the meantime. We’ve had overseas visitors x3, I’ve been on a week-long training course in a new Diabetic “diet” or lack thereof – otherwise known as DAFNE, or Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating, I’ve taken up horse riding again and I was gifted a year’s membership to Belfast Zoo by my other half. Possibly the nicest present that he’s ever bought me – well, after the pasta maker that is.

I’ve taken some photos that I’m really proud of recently – some of which I’m thinking I might enter in the annual photography competition at the zoo! I have also opened a Photobox account to try and sell some of my photos online – and I’ll post a link here soon so you can see them as soon as I get organised.

I’ve broken my sewing machine! Not sure what’s going on there, I’ve had to buy a new manual having lost the original along with the pedal in one of my many moves around the UK. I was horrified to learn that you can’t download the manual for free the way you would with a camera or whatever – really I can’t do without the book – I can’t even figure out/ remember how to put thread on the bobbin! Anyway now there is a wire sticking out where there shouldn’t be and the whole thing has gotten so tight that my thread keeps breaking. *cries*
I’m now really looking forward to the bank holiday weekend – we’re thinking we might go to the zoo again, since it’s now free! Mainly because Al wants to see the Gibbons again (they’re his favourite) and we missed a few thing last week – we didn’t get to see the tapir, most disappointing as world tapir day was last Monday, or the capybara – not so much because it wasn’t out as because we couldn’t find it!
Have a fab weekend everyone!