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god's country
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Friday, 23 September 2011


new look blog! 

nice yes? my only complaint would be the lack of a halloweeny background - must see if i can upload my own...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Free motion is HARD you guys! My biceps are killing me!
I had some problems starting off - something like this happened to me:

Ever seen anything like that? - this isn't my work actually - I'm at my mum's because I needed a really big table for doing the quilting. The above is from the blog Comfortstitching which I found while trying to get advice on-line. As it turned out it was because the foot wasn't down - phew, panic over. I guess I've quilted maybe 1/6 of it so far (just about 5 hours of quilting to go : ) I've decided not to even attempt to do any kind of neat regular design for my free motion quilting, its almost entirely at random, lots of swirls and coils and things and then occasional flowers and hearts - hell, if i want to embroider a wee bee every now and then I'm going to go ahead and do it! It has a great feel of wimsy about it : )
I'm thinking I might embroider a large heart with the bride and groom's initials in it somewhere on it - or is this tempting fate?

It's extremely enjoyable - I think I could get used to this.. : )

4 months in the wilderness..

errr..... oops?

Its like this, when I'm not happy at work, or not working, I cant write – its like literary impotence caused by stress. On a similar note, I now have to wear a gumguard in bed to stop me from grinding my teeth. I maintain that the stress that has caused this particular development hails from the actions of my other half and not from my work troubles. Not that I have been out of work for 4 months – just 2 (??!?!??!!!) - its more that ive sort of hated the things that I have been doing. Thankfully it looks like i'm about to start something new and worthwhile – and even sort of in line with what I studied! Its related to tourism in Northern Ireland, which really needs a stick and a carrot – im totally up for it!!!! finally all those hours studying cultural heritage management will come in handy for something!

So what's new?

Oh – Quilting ROCKS! I have now made 4 and a half quilts. The 5th, which is still a work in progress, is a wedding gift for my best friend – look at me assuming she never reads my blog! Its really quite a simple pattern, but the fabric is totally gorgeous – and i'm free motion quilting it.... I dont know how to free motion quilt... so I have to learn how to do that first.

Here are my quilts:

see that dino quilt? Theres a story there, its for my cousin's little boy for christmas – he's 10. The pattern, which you can buy on etsy, is called Baby Dino. It generally has an apatosaurus style dino on the front (his big sister is getting that one for christmas in pinks etc) – but michael like that one. He wanted a flying dinosaur, so for my second ever quilt and my first appliquet project ever – I had to design an appliquet pattern. Its none too simple either! He's a Quetzalcoatlus, which is the largest kind of dinosaur – and the PDF pattern is now available from my etsy shop.

I have also made my first bag, and my first bag pattern (also available from my etsy shop : )

I have had a crafting day with my cousin and her daughter,

started a film club, lost a stone,

and learned to bellydance

All in all its been a pretty busy time. Coming up soon we have a new job, 2 weddings, free motion quilting and a partridge in a pear tree! OMG! And christmas.... only 94 days away! More on that later.

Also excitingly, I have entered a new design @
yourstylerocks.com in the stitch stories contest. My design is inspired by Don Quixote. I have to confess that Don Quixote is not my absolute favourite book. It is ONE OF my favourite books, but not actually THE favourite. That honour is reserved for Watership Down (wonderful book, scary film) – but I wasnt up for designing an outfit inspired by bunnies – having said which, I have now had loads of great bunny inspired ideas – but YES! The Don Quixote Inspired Top! Which is AWESOME! All votes greatfully accepted!