god's country

god's country
near carrick-a-rede

Thursday, 24 June 2010

My 2010

Almost half another year gone!
I can’t believe that we’ve been living in this house and in Belfast for 18 months now, it feels like we’re still settling in. I still have boxes that I haven’t unpacked yet! I am using too many exclamation marks!!!

This week so far: I have seen more tennis than I ever wanted to, though it may have been very impressive tennis – I have now started sub-consciously dressing for Wimbledon (purple top, green jacket) : P I have learned more about golf than I ever wanted to, I’m writing a golf quiz for a promo at work, so far 100 multiple choice questions. It should be the hardest Golf Quiz EVER, the plan is to put the quiz up on the website after the promo, so if that happens I will post a link so you can all have a go! I have been for a lovely swim with mum at the Antrim forum – it’s a nice wee pool, though a bit warm for my taste. I have tweeted for the first time - http://twitter.com/@glamourie – though I am now horrified to see that I sound like a sports nut! Everything is about tennis and golf – though perhaps the allusions to classical Greek literature earn me a few brownie points? Alastair has been informed that Wednesday the 30th is his last day, so we’re back to one job between us again for a while : (

All in all things are a bit hectic. Failed ******* driving test AGAIN!!!! So I have booked it for the 10th of July to have another go (this will be my 5th…) – and we’re thinking of having a party of some kind on Sunday the 11th as the 12th is a national holiday here. I’m thinking some kind of Mad Hatter’s Tea-quila party? Or a kind of patriotic theme with the red white and blue AND the green white and gold – perhaps a bit gaudy… and also possibly more expensive to decorate. Not sure yet.

I’ve been having a good look around me this month. Time seems to pass so quickly now. I remember thinking that the seasons went on for ages, but perhaps I’m just more attuned to the changes now. I think walking 2 miles to work and home again every day helps as well – particularly as we are so lucky with where we live. I appreciate beauty in the strangest places now, a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to come home to the neighbours sheering their sheep, something I had never witnessed before and something which I enjoyed intensely. I feel very at home here at the moment – possibly because we are starting to think about leaving. With this in mind I’m putting together a collage of pictures from this year. It’s been a very cathartic experience for me, as I have had to go through all my many thousands of pics and delete and organise.

I hope you like my 2010.