god's country

god's country
near carrick-a-rede

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Monday, 27 September 2010


FOR SALE!!!!!!!!

10 years old, hardly used (not a reflection on the machine i might add) got all its bits (pedal and instruction manual recently replaced - brand new) has original cover, all its bobbins and foots etc

excellent condition, nice for a beginner (Christmas presents me thinks...) £65

at the moment I'm saying Northern Ireland only - the price doesn't include postage, and this baby's HEAVY!!!

message me for more details - i hope someone can give it a better home than i did!

zoo pics

Woo! finally I have dropped off my entries for this year's zoo photography competition! Ive been holding on to them for ages, and now they have been sent off into the big bad world! I'm allowed up to 3 prints in 3 categories, colour, black and white and the caption competition - this is my first photography competition, so I'm very excited : ) wish me luck!!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Boxing Dog

Awww! Isn't she cute!
Whenever i see a boxer now can help but think of Mr. Whitehead's Cider, Al's favorite is the Newton's Discovery - I always loved the one with the lemongrass in, but i think they've stopped making it : (
It must nearly be time to start on the Christmas cards now!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lucy’s new collar.

We’ve never had a collar for the kitty before, as every cat owner knows, no one owns a cat – only this applies to us in a more literal sense. She doesn’t belong to us at all! Well, only in the family sense : )

But there was this collar on the reduced shelf when I was doing the shopping, and it was so cute I had to take it home. When I put it on her she didn’t look that impressed, but she didn’t seem to mind – there was no crying and hiding under a chair for two hours (a la the last cat) or trailing it off (a la the cat before that one) she just looked a bit grumpy.

Then Al saw the collar, and didn’t like it on principal – he likes the kitty as nature intended. But even Al had to admit that the collar suited her and it could stay for the time being. Then Lucy had to go out (having been in since 4pm the day before – this was after I got home from work – about 5.20pm!!) because we were off to a friends for a visit.

When we got home the new collar was on the doorstep ONDONE. So she has managed to undo the clasp, not even just take it off like a normal cat!

She’s off out for the night, realises she’s wearing what she thinks is a very unattractive collar, undoes the clasp, dumps it on the step saying “That’s yours.” and wanders off.


We haven’t put it back on her…