god's country

god's country
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Saturday, 23 April 2011


sorted. it was touch and go there for a while but we're moved and settled in. Its amazing how much rubbish you gather up. actually... i think its pretty clear that i've got a problem about hording stuff - im starting to resemble one of the tip women from labyrinth.

but (following the intervention) i havent bought anything appart from food - until today. I got some fabric! I plan to make a little pirate purse and a table runner with my gorgeous dino fabric : )

we are well enough installed in fact, that we were allowed an outing today! we went to the Zoo! our zoo membership is almost up (it runs out on easter monday) - and i simply couldnt reccomend it enough. a single trip to the zoo is a quite a pricy day out - Belfast Zoo (i think) is £8.20 for an adult, only slightly less for children, but under 4's, over 60's and disabled people get in for free. it makes you feel like you HAVE to see everything, and to be honest, the way things are at the moment in our house, the entry cost of £16.20 would usually put us off - i think we've been about 16 times this year for £50. this is a GOOD deal. and you can take your time, if you want to stop and watch the otters for an hour you can (I cant, Al doesnt allow me because i start making noises at them) We LOVE the Zoo : )

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