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god's country
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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Free motion is HARD you guys! My biceps are killing me!
I had some problems starting off - something like this happened to me:

Ever seen anything like that? - this isn't my work actually - I'm at my mum's because I needed a really big table for doing the quilting. The above is from the blog Comfortstitching which I found while trying to get advice on-line. As it turned out it was because the foot wasn't down - phew, panic over. I guess I've quilted maybe 1/6 of it so far (just about 5 hours of quilting to go : ) I've decided not to even attempt to do any kind of neat regular design for my free motion quilting, its almost entirely at random, lots of swirls and coils and things and then occasional flowers and hearts - hell, if i want to embroider a wee bee every now and then I'm going to go ahead and do it! It has a great feel of wimsy about it : )
I'm thinking I might embroider a large heart with the bride and groom's initials in it somewhere on it - or is this tempting fate?

It's extremely enjoyable - I think I could get used to this.. : )


  1. I'd never heard of free motion quilting. It seems really hard (but you're so talented at this sort of thing) but really creative.

    I think the heart without the initials!

  2. Thanks Kittie! I think you're right, there's no coming back from haveing the initials sewn permanently into your quilt...
    good call : )