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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Joy of DECENT Pins…

This sounds like an eccentric album title, but I couldn’t be more serious! I'll get to the pins in a minute...
Such a week I’ve had! A new job, a training course, various financial disasters, a letter from HMRC telling me that I’m being fined for not filling in my tax return… I have not been self employed since June 2007, I had half a mind to ring them to say, “I can’t find my P60, could you send me a copy so I can tell you what it says on it?” Is it any wonder that our economy is failing??

Anyway! No one really cares about my tax return woes! This weekend Al took the boat to Liverpool for the Merseyside Open. Things did not go well, but that’s another story! He bought a lovely new sword, which unfortunately did not seem to improve his performance any. We reckon he can’t do without having me there to coach him! Gosh, it’s nice to be needed isn’t it? The upshot of which is that I’m being taken away for a weekend in April for the Glasgow Open!!! NICE to be needed!!
hile he’s been away I had a few jobs this weekend. I’ve had presents for some of Al’s family sort of half started since before Christmas. As it turned out we couldn’t afford to get over to see them so the gifts sort of got shifted to the back burner… of course we now only have 2 and a half days until we see them! So I had to get them sorted this weekend (don’t tell!) I picked out material, bias binding and thread to make 3 scarves. They are all gorgeous! If I didn’t have to give them away I’d be keeping them, but it must be said that the only thing that I have EVER done with a sewing machine before is turn up trousers.
Oh the pins!!!!!
!!! My pins are so tiny; looking at my ruler here they are maybe 12mm long – why did no one ever warn me? I hate pinning! Hate it! It’s fiddly! It takes ages! And ages! And the corners are awkward! And I can’t sew in a straight line apparently… but they are now finished, and even if I do say so myself they don’t look half bad. By the 3rd one I was feeling a bit more confidant, and I think I’ll do a few more as soon as possible to keep my hand in. This week I also made a fabric necklace for my cousins little girl who was 11(?) on Monday the 15th. I know that’s awful that I’m not sure which birthday it was, but in fairness to myself, I also forget how old I am sometimes. This is always helpful if you get ID checked when buying a bottle of wine. : )
It’s been a busy week, not least the training course on Thursday and Friday – look I’m certified! Or certifiab
le anyway! Another strange little aside to add to my CV – not sure what it would be useful for, but you never know! This week is set to be just as bad, so much to do before we fly on Friday morning. Competition no. 3 –Yorkshire Senior Foil on Saturday, this is also the York Presidents Weekend for x fencers from York Uni. – hence us both going. So I’ll be able to coach Al and also get to shop in York and see some friends! So far it looks as if Al and I are the oldest people going… Is this bad? There is at least one more fencing couple, possibly 3 others, attending – so we’re hoping for a good weekend! Details and pic’s to follow!!


  1. Fencing! Not golf. I took a fencing course years ago while at university and worked my buns off. Fencing is NOT easy and really, really demanding. You and your hub have my respect. Look forward to hearing about the tournament. Also, love your fabric necklace. You're very talented!

  2. thanks kitty! i love getting comments! we are getting very excited now for going away. the necklace is very easy to make, and its actually from a free amy buttler pattern at http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/products/free_patterns.php
    i'll hopefully get some good pic's this weekend that i can post - wish me luck!!