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god's country
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Thursday, 11 February 2010


OK, i haven't posted in a bit (OMG nearly 2 weeks!) but I've been oh so busy!!

I have now finished the boxed set of the Charlaine Harris books that the Mr got me for Christmas, and Pandaemonium, the newest Christopher Brookmyre novel that he asked me to read - we have also finished watching all 3 series of supernatural that Kitty and Kevin bought us for Christmas, but that's another story entirely!!

I have now started Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke that Claire loaned to me - its huge! which is slightly daunting, and its very heavy to Carry around on the bus! but I shall persevere.

Aside from that I have cut all my squares out for the quilt that i intend to make - 30 10" x 10" squares! it took ages! and i have also cut out all the pieces for the blue silk skirt that i have been meaning to start for some time now - these shall be added to the pile of things that i will finish when i acquire an instruction manual for my sewing machine - this is so cheeky!! i can download a manual for my camera or computer for goodness sake, why not the sewing machine?!?!?

anyway. i shall just have to keep at it. i may upload a pretty recipe or jewellery tutorial this weekend - Alastair is off to Dublin on Saturday for the East of Ireland open (last year it was actually ON valentines day and he still went!!) so I will probably be at a loose end - thought there are hundreds of things i should be doing - time management is the key! got to get shopping and tidy and I have mine aunt and uncle coming round for lunch to organise for... maybe not such a loose end after all : (

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  1. You have much to do! I hope you're going to post photos of your quilt-in-progress. I have friends who quilt. The amount of time a quilt requires amazes me. I am always awed by the finished product. Sturdy but delicate. I hope Alastair enjoyed his golfing trip. My hub also golfs. I sometimes drive the cart. Happy post Valentine's Day.