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god's country
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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Carnmoney hill walk

This is one of those places that been there all my life (and a good deal longer besides) and I never even knew it existed. We had a really nice walk last Saturday (the 31st) afternoon and took some pictures.

I'm sure there was plenty of wildlife about but we only met ducks, a moorhen, some pigeons, a buzzard and a dog – but we did find a lovely park. Ok there were some cows as well.

There were fantastic toys for kids, which we played on…. We especially liked the tractor!

This was a really nice walk, and I’ve been missing the outside-ness since I’ve had the car – though parking was a little awkward! The weather was fairly nice - parts of the trail looked positively prehistoric! And we were only rained on at the very end, so all in all a very successful wee trip : )

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