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god's country
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Friday, 1 October 2010

1st of October - World Vegetarian Day...

Personally? Carnivore. No doubt about it.

In fact I make it my personal mission to 'cure' vegetarians (2 and counting) - so far I have had success with Nanny's Irish stew and a Bacon Sandwich.That said, I believe that everyone is entitled to their choice, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else... i just don't understand this particular choice, so in honour of all the strange little vegetarians here are some digi stamps.
Again, if you would like to use them please help yourself and feel free to sell anything you make and post a link! Please DO NOT sell my stamps - online or to hallmark or to anywhere else, or market these as your own artwork etc

i am now adding some clothes as well - i thought about colouring in animal print on these wee things and felt a bit ill....


  1. Thanks for sharing! I too am a carnivore, but these are cute digis. I am sure that some of my hunter friends will like the definition of vegetatarians, too!

  2. I thought this was hilarious, thank you. My brother and his wife are hunters and their oldest daughter is a vege, they are so proud, lol, not.

  3. Thanks for making these adorable stamps! I'm a 15 year vegan (18 yr. vegetarian) and quit eating animals not because I didn't like the taste of meat (the last animal part I ate was a *very* rare steak) but because I couldn't stomach harming an animal just because I like how they taste. I've worked in animal rescue, care, behavior, and advocacy far too long to want to put any more animals in my mouth. ;) The only way my lips will touch any animals is when I plant a kiss between my pets' fuzzy little ears. In case you feel like taking a look, here's the website of the rescue I currently foster for:
    Radish is my foster guy. He's got some issues, but he's learning to trust humans again. Such a cute little guy! I also live with a lot of other animals I've adopted via rescue: 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 rats, 2 turtles, 2 degus, and a chinchilla (oh yeah, and a husband. :)) They keep me busy! More critter stamps, please! :)