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god's country
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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My poor baby!

A little snow and everything goes to pot!

Wednesday night is Alastair's fencing night, he normally gets in at 10:50 on a Wednesday night. this evening, due to adverse weather conditions, our bus is unable to service our road, or any of the roads leading to it, or any of the roads leading to that. so at 10.55 this evening the driver asked him to get out and walk the last 3 and a half miles - through conditions that i won't drive through - sorry. we have apparently run out of grit. this also means that there is no way to get to work in the morning that we have thought of so far...

photographs of the "lovely" snow to follow, humph

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  1. i don't like snow either..it snowed here over christmas..and snow in texas is something that no one has the equipment or honestly 'know-how' to deal with..it was bad..my husband is a mail-man so he had to get out in it as well. i liked snow so much when i was little..now, i'm just ready for summer!