god's country

god's country
near carrick-a-rede

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Oh the snow!

I know I said there would be lovely photos but i left the camera in Mum's car!!
Such a moo!

Also, have you seen outside?!?! I'm not too sure I want to go out there, -9 it was last night!

Penguins are warmer! (especially this one, he's so cuddly!)

In the meantime I am uploading some pictures from before the snow got put on my naughty list, when it was still just pretty and not also scary and a pain in the patella :(

These are pictures of our house and next door around Christmas, and next door's lovely doggy Harvey (he's a dear) -

well that wasn't easy! boy the Internet isn't friends with me today! Camera is being dropped off later today so if i can work myself up to it there will be more pics to follow, and I feel a recipe coming on...

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