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Friday, 22 January 2010

New Beads!!!!

My new year's order of beads has arrived!! I'm well impressed, I ordered them at 1pm yesterday and they were on the doorstep waiting for me when I got home from work today. That's no mean feat considering they had to come from all the way over the ocean! Oh, and they are lovely! I got tempted by a sale at www.beadsdirect.co.uk, this little lot cost less than £25!

I am especially excited about the 'lemon jade free-form slab's and also the 'lava stone barrel's -

the Jade I bought just because I saw it and wanted it, I've actually bought a lot of greeny- yellow things this time - but the lava stone I have been wanting to work with for ages! I've never got my hands on any before now - I was tempted to make some out of fimo but just never got around to it.

I saw a free tutorial for it somewhere, it involved pressing rock salt into the fimo before baking, then soaking it in water after to dissolve the salt! Not a patch on the real thing though!

I'm hoping I will finally get around to making something for my Etsy shop, but we shall see – there are a lot of things here that I will have trouble parting with at all!

I think I will try and make a tutorial at the weekend for one of my Troll (Pandora) bead lariat necklaces – there were loads of things that I wanted to post about last week that I didn't get around to – and now look – forgotten forever!

Happily I seem to be getting over my 'cant be bothered reading' slump – I think I read so much coming up to Christmas that my brain just couldn't take any more! Hardly surprising really, there is only so much Jasper Fforde that even a disturbed mind such as mine can handle. I'm maybe a sixth of the way through the first Charlaine Harris book, 'Dead Until Dark' (the series that True Blood is based on), and I think I'm enjoying it even more than the series if that's even possible! I am missing the title song though – Bad Things – must download to listen to while reading, wont Al be pleased!

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