god's country

god's country
near carrick-a-rede

Sunday, 3 January 2010

New post? First post!!!

generally speaking i am very bad at this... I always keep a detailed diary up until about January 12Th, I have about 3 weeks of the year when i remember to write to people and I flit about from one project to another at breakneck speed. So this is sort of a new-years resolution. I will write things here. I will post lovely photographs and talk about things and post completed craft projects (that's another new years resolution - actually finish things...). I have finished my first project for this year. I think I started it around September last year. You should not imagine that this reflects the difficulty involved or indeed the volume of work - its just that i wasn't sure who i was making it for and then i got put off finishing it and then i got distracted by something else, and then there were Christmas presents to make and it got forgotten about. anyway - now i have a new project that i want to get started on and I needed the needles back! So here are my first photos for 2010 - new year's weekend snaps from the North Irish coast (it's God's own country to me!) and my newly finished object!

here is my lovely other half modeling my first ever cable knit scarf. i found a free pattern online and thought i would have a go but it was going to end up too expensive for me so i modified some of the pattern. I'll post a link to the pattern and also the changes that i made at some point shortly. He's a little shy!

and here are a few of the pictures i took this weekend! Ireland is gorgeous!

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