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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Perhaps never again…

So… this knitting pattern. It may be true that I did not actually READ the pattern before I started, I did the first few rows of K1 P1 rib before I read on, and this is where the problem started. It’s all my own fault! I am not an experienced knitter, and my knitting has always been tight. When I first learnt at school I drove my friends nuts with it – it was so tight it squeaked! Things have progressed somewhat since then I will admit, it’s gotten MUCH better, but this new pattern is really testing me!

It involves this little charm, K1, (P3 together, but do not drop from needle, YO, P same 3 stitches together again and drop from left needle, K1) to end. :’(

Not only is my knitting rather tight, which makes knitting or purling 3 stitches at a time almost impossible! But I have chosen to knit this hat with yarn which can only be described as FLUFFY. I looked at the picture and thought moss stitch! I can do that! This is not moss stitch. Or easy. I’m not sure that I’m enjoying it, but it does seem to knit up quite quickly – as you would expect working with 3 stitches at a time! I am determined to have a slouchy hat
and as I can’t knit in the round yet there are limited options.
It does look lovely though! The wool is beautiful, and the pattern looks really interesting, though not quite as impressive as it looks in the picture on the pattern leaflet (mostly due I think to the fact that all the FLUF is obscuring all my hard work!). I think I have made a few mistakes, and I’ve had to deal with random extra stitches a few times, but I think it will be ok – I intend to knit a pair of fingerless gloves in the same wool to go with it next – finding a pattern for these that doesn’t involve knitting in the round has proven an exercise in itself, but I’ve finally got one and its free on The Pink Sewing Machine!
How hard can it be to convert a pattern for knitting in the round to a flat pattern and then sew it up the back?!?! If I wasn’t such a slow knitter I would just have a go, but to contemplate spending a week knitting something that I ended up having to frog makes me want to weep! Does anyone know how to do this?

Right, I’m off for now, pic’s of lovely and terrible hat to follow… assuming it doesn’t all go wrong, in which case no one will ever see it again : (

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