god's country

god's country
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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Awning Card

Ive been looking at this Awning card tutorial from the Papercraft Planet newsletter - it's so awesome!!!
And I got to thinking, what other things could I draw to put in this adorable little stall?? Fruit and Vegetables aren't really handy card making material...
flowers maybe? I was thinking maybe fish for a Man's card?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know - you suggest it I draw it!
What else could I put in my market stall????


  1. What a gorgeous card! I didnt get here in time to suggest anything but I adore the kittens so great job, lol. I probably would have said fabric, like gorgeous scarves and such. My son and daughter in law live in S.Korea and they are always talking about the stalls there, beautiful fabrics, breads, fish, ick, lol, flowers, puppies, okay that one was weird but I saw the picture lol.

  2. Ooo or beads and such, lol, my mind is working this one over for some reason lol.