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god's country
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A worm of Robins

A 'worm' of Robins for you today - one of the more unusual collective nouns if you ask me.... but they're SO CUTE!

or as Terry Pratchett says "stroppy, evil little bu**ers" - actually, like pigeons, quite unpleasant to each other as a general rule. There are a few that show up in my Mum and Dad's garden periodically that look just like red and brown tennis balls

I hope that these prove useful ; )

incidentally, I also found a fantastic photography website and blog today that's worth a look - Austin Thomas Photography. Some truly AWESOME photos : )


  1. Thanks....I love your drawings! (and learning new things....never knew the collective noun for Robins...or is it for all birds?) Hmmmmm

  2. I'm lovin' them! Thanks so much! Wish I could draw like you can.