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god's country
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Friday, 26 November 2010


We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK - but then I'll celebrate anything given an excuse (see - the opening of a mailbox, the day that ends in 'y' etc) - so I decided to cook something festive last night in recognition as it were, of what's going on across the pond.
In addition, Al was all set to fly out to Leeds (Yorkshire) this morning to see his folks and look at a few houses before heading down to London for the World Tour Finals - so I felt we needed a wholesome proper dinner together (why? this is MENTAL).
Ive had a pumpkin in my kitchen since before Halloween, and I've been putting off eating it because ITS SO BIG - and this was a really small pumpkin! so we had that, nicely roasted with salt and pepper and chilli, and a roasted chicken and some lovely salad (sun dried tomato, mozzarella and baby leaves with Al's special dressing that he makes) - it turned out really pretty!
I'd like to point out that i did not eat a whole half of a chicken!! some of that's my lunch and there's more in the fridge!!!

My lunch is probably closer to proper Thanksgiving food, by virtue of the fact that its mainly Quinoa. (so tasty!!!!!)

other than my lunch being awesome, things are not going well so far today! we had a late night (packing and finishing a birthday card I had forgotten that I had to make etc)

and a very early morning getting up to head for the airport . Car wouldn't start. of course.
so I had to wake my dad up to bail us out - if he had had any hold baggage or hadn't checked in he would definitely have missed the flight, and now I have no car! dreading the prospect of getting the bus home in this weather - Al's already been spreadeagled on the road this morning and his balance is MUCH better than mine! I should probably point out that its probably only -1 outside, and there are those who would be practically sunbathing in this temperature in other parts of the world - but its WET here, and everything's made out of pointy rocks....

and then one of the letting agents called to say the house that we were to view at 2pm (our appointment was for noon...) has been let this morning : (
we really liked that one! it had a pretty garden! and a Chinese Restaurant about 3 doors down! clearly not meant to be though! we have one more house to view today - but first reports are grim - its amazing what some people think that they can get away with charging people for! this just goes to prove that you HAVE to view the properties! Al's taken his dad (who was the head of housing for Bradford for about 25 years) with him to see the place though, so i hope he's giving them what for!

that's all for the moment - but i have an exciting weekend planned, with lots of crafts and a SPECIAL OUTING...

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